Episode 4 – Blockchain, Bitcoin, Facebook’s Libra currency & the future of 5G

Bitcoin has recently again seen massive rises in the markets and with technologies like Bitcoin’s lightning network coming online to support thousands of transactions per second, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general might finally have shown its a viable and long-term technology that’s here to stay.

Has Bitcoin’s recent rise in the markets been triggered by anything other than pure speculation? Are there more real-world use-cases of Bitcoin being a better alternative than traditional money?

Is Facebook’s “cryptocurrency” project Libra is expected to be released this year. Is this an actual crypto that has use or just a way for FB to get on the “crypto” bandwagon?

How does all this impact the much wider topic of the implementation of blockchain currencies?

Lastly we talk about the roll-out of 5G networks.

Will 5G be what truly ushers in AR & VR? Does its model of low latency/high bandwidth overcome the problems existing VR solutions have had with the high cost of VR’s local computing needs?

When/If VR/AR the new predominant computing paradigm – will we have new tech giants? Can existing ones adapt?

Is this tech something else accelerating the trend for economic dislocation via globalization/automation.

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