Foreseeable Futures Podcast Episode 01 – AI & Lab Grown Meat


In this episode we hear from Lugh and Stryker on AI and lab grown meat.

Lugh discusses the advent of post-scarcity resources in education and medicine. The question he asks, based on the comments in this thread, is why do people overwhelmingly focus on wealth inequality when considering this issue?

Why don’t they focus on the positives?

This link is to the AI only medical clinics in China.

This article does a good job at addressing these common reactions people have to the idea of lab-grown meat.

Stryker discusses cultured/lab-grown meat as a necessity for several reasons.  Less land needed for raising livestock. Less greenhouse gas emissions, theoretically more efficient as you only need to raise the meat, not the bones, brain, etc of an entire animal.  Hope is to scale-up so that it can be mass produced. This will increase yields (helping address rising population and demand for meat in developing countries).




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